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October 07, 2010



Ok, first off, that note is precious. Maybe I shouldn't say that in the midst of the whole icky situation, but I'm with you...at least he's communicating his feelings. I think that's a good thing! And poor G...and poor you...you can only control what goes on in your own house not what he hears/sees outside in the real world. It's a yucky place out there and I wish we good parents could shelter our kids forever from those most unpleasant things. It's tough learning the hard way, but hopefully he'll know better next time :) Hang in there, friend. You guys are awesome parents and I know it's tough when your kids do wrong and you have to be the bad guy and punish them. I think we all know G is a good kid at heart...it's just a tough world we live in these days...and that's such an impressionable age to want to be accepted and cool. I feel for you guys...all us parents worry about our kids being faced with all the icky stuff that's out there these days. Stay strong, Cor!!


Thanks, Kelly! I appreciate the words of encouragement. I need them lately!

It's good to know we are on the same page with this one. My thoughts exactly!

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