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August 28, 2010



Glad to see you back. Hope everyone is doing well.


Thanks, Erica! We're all doing well. Kids are off to a great start for the school year, and Chad and I are keeping our heads above water as best we can. Hope you're doing well, too! Love seeing photos of your new town on Facebook. Wish we could figure out a way to make a trip out your way! But unless you're there three years from now, the chances aren't looking good! :o) So I'll continue to watch for photos from you. It looks like a beautiful town/city!


Well, pat yourself on the back for getting back into things, Cor! As you can probably tell from my blank blog lately I am left with no time and little motivation. It stinks since I think blogging and scrappin' are great outlets for us busy moms! Well, maybe you'll motivate me and I'll be back in the swing of things soon! Love the K pics. Hard to believe E is that old. Where has the time gone? Hang in there!


Thanks, Kelly! I have been missing your blog posts lately, but I knew you had a lot on your plate, and I TOTALLY understand (obviously) about not having time or motivation. :o)

And I have NO idea where the time goes, but I wish with all of my might I could slow it down a little!

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