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August 27, 2009



Oh Cor...thanks for the update. I've been wondering how you guys were doing. Wow, you sound busier than us...eek! Praying everything is ok for you and E. Hope it's nothing serious. I hear ya' on the flu epidemic and the worries there. It's supposed to be bad this fall/winter. I might be hibernating til spring! And I hope, hope, hope you have good news to share about maybe a big move in your near future...or at least a plot of land to pitch a tent on! Can't wait to hear the official word. Miss you guys and always thinking of you!


Thanks, Kelly! Yes, you're right about the plot of land to pitch a tent! :o) Not official yet, so I'm trying not to get TOO heart-set on it. But things are moving in the right direction. Only baby steps left to go. Big stuff out of the way. I'll keep you posted!

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