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January 23, 2009



Love this post, Cor! And love that sweet picture of E. It says it all...right down to her big smile and crazy hair. You hit the nail on the head too...cuz these days do go by too fast and we all need to take to heart the young years where our kiddos actually want to be around us and yearn for that special mommy (or daddy) time. I'm enjoying being home more lately and sitting on the floor like you and doing that "kid stuff"....though for me it's trains with Dylan and I am just no good at building tracks...I'm much better at doll stuff :) But, aren't we so blessed to have that special times with our babies. Good for you for cherishing that and having that special day with E each week. Keep up the good parenting and keep enjoying those sweet kiddos of yours. I hope we can hang out soon! Let me know what your Feb/March looks like...we'd love to hang out with you guys!

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