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July 29, 2008



I love, love, love the picture of the kids going in different directions. It pretty much sums up your late night! And I liked Chad's artistic flare with the ferris wheel picture! Too funny.


Ditto on what Michele said! I love the pics! You got great ones, Cor! That high-speed action one is hilarious...even the pets are in on the craziness! Those really sum up the chaos and exhaustion our kiddos were feeling at whatever time it was...10/11? Poor things...now we know to take a pic when we first get there! That one group kiddo pic you got is actually not too shabby...no one's visibly crying! Mine didn't turn out so good. But, I laughed at Gabe's face in that pic...too funny!

And you took some great fair pics. I love that one of Chad's finger...very innovative! You are really tempting us to get a nice camera like yours!

And "yay!" on all your progress on Saturday with scrapbooking. Truly, Corie, you should be so proud of your progress...your kids' books look awesome. You inspire me every time I look at them. You have such a talent for that kind of thing.

And I'm rooting for ya' on your garage sale this weekend...here's to fitting that car in the garage this winter! If it makes you feel any better your garage (pre-garage sale) already looks better than ours!

Hope you enjoyed your "day off" yesterday...good for you for keeping G close to home and away from the pool with his daycare...that whole story just stuns me :( Here's to school starting soon and better days ahead as far as that goes!

And, truly, it was so great to see you guys on Friday. Thanks again for having us over last minute. We really do need to do that more often!!

Love you guys and hope you have a great rest-of-the-week/weekend!

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