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July 24, 2008



What's on my mind?

Job, job, job, job, job....
God what if I get an interview
job, job, job, job, job....
deadlines, deadlines, deadline,
focus, focus, focus....


I'm thinking about ya! Hope you get something new ASAP! Positive thoughts coming your way...


My thoughts.....
Not getting a paycheck in July really bites! Thank goodness school starts back on Aug 5.
Tests, tests, tests - I feel like the human pincushion. Wish the doctors would tell me what's wrong versus running the same test over and over! Maybe it's time for a new doctor.
Parents finally moved. How weird not to have the same phone number. It's been the same since I was born and now it's gone. Weird.
Friends - wish we all had more time to spend with each other. Life goes by so quickly.


Thanks for the comment, Erica! Hope you're feeling well...and your parents are gone? They must be REALLY gone if they don't have the same phone number. Makes me sad, too. Some fun memories at their old house. Miss you! Will you be coming back to Indiana if they're not here?


Parents have moved into a smaller place in Zionsville until they officially retire, so I won't be too far from Danville.

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