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July 16, 2008





Likes: chips & salsa, flannel sheets, fuzzy slippers, laughing, making lists, spending time with friends, finding a good deal, freshly cut grass, playing softball, crossword puzzles
Dislikes: rude people, clutter, unnecessarily long meetings, people who drive slow in the fast lane, nuts in my chocolate, people who make fun of others, cold rainy days, delays


Love it, Erica! Thanks for the comment! I could add almost all of these to my own list! :-) Anyone else?


alright I'll give it a go...
likes - going to the movies, live music, food, summertime, swimming or anything to do with water activities, Fridays, driving with the windows open in nice weather, my family and friends, my dogs, traveling and diet dr. pepper (I am obsessed with it!)
dislikes - rude and/or selfish people, fudge (I know i am crazy, but I hate the texture!), stupid celebrity news (I couldn't care less what Paris Hilton wore today), red wine, obnoxious drivers and cold rainy days (unless I can stay home and snuggle on the couch!)


More good ones! You guys don't mind if I snatch some of these for my own list, do you? They're good ones! :-)


Likes: 72 degree house on a 90 degree day, naps in the afternoon, all-day scrapbooking workshops, Taco Bell, having the laundry done, daily phone calls with my sister, making lists (I thought I was the only one, Erica!), when a stranger offers you a compliment, completely finishing a project

Dislikes: sweet potatoes, smelling someone's cigarette, oblivious drivers, people that let their cars idle too long, when you're not acknowledged by a cashier, people who offer parenting advice when you didn't ask for it, people who are always late


Ok, Cor, first of all I love your new layout/coloring/blog name! You are soooo good at stuff like this...it's like your own person online scrapbook page (which we all know you are the BEST at...I soooo admire that in you!) You have a great talent/eye/artisctic flair for knowing what looks good and I have to say (as I think I've said before...) you take amazing pics!

Also, I love your new sidebar with fellow blogger friends...wow, I feel very honored to be on the elite list :)

Ok, all that being said I love this post! Hmmm...my thoughts are:

Dislikes: Bad smells: lately this is a lot due to my pregnancy nose :), but mostly I hate cigar/cigarette smoke, dirty dog smell and dirty diaper smell (sorry, Dylan :)), procrastinating (this is a note to myself since I'm horrible at this), clutter (my #1 dislike), junk mail (email and snail), not crossing things off my list (yes, I'm a list maker too...big time! :)), lying, those who compare their kids/abilities to mine (so, not cool!), making phonecalls (I'm not a phone person), asking for help (working on this!) reading, laundry, tuna fish, broccoli, chicken in the can (ewww!), any kind of liquor/beer (yuck!), throwing up, being too cold, being too hot, being pg in the summer (b/c I'm too hot!) :) and the list could go on and on :)

Likes: Well there are just so many, but I fear this list will look shorter and if so just blame it on my pessimistic pregnant brain! I love being warm in my house in the winter when it's snowing outside, fireplaces with a warm fire in them (wish I had one!), renting movies and cuddling up next to my hubby, naps (wish I could have them more often!), sleeping kids :), fondue (esp. Melting Pot), making lists (is it weird that we all love to do that?!), emailing (sometimes), catching up with old friends, my family, vacations, taking photos, watching my kids have fun, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, being pg (not in the summer :)), holding newborn babies and having great friends (like you and Chad!) :)

Can't wait to see you guys next week! Did you survive single-parenthood! I'm going through it now and I give those moms out there big time credit! Miss you guys! Love ya! Kel :)


Oh, these are all so good! Can't wait to make part 2 of my list! Thanks for all of the comments! How fun to read everyone's lists!

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