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June 27, 2008



Wow. Chad had told me some of this on the ride Saturday night, but oh my gosh.

I don't have any advice as to how to prepare, plus it's already Monday :). But I'd stick to your guns, don't let them just bully over you. If they won't let G or E stay, pull them out. I'm sure Michele will help you out until you get a new place. I'd also write a complaint to the the state department that handles day-care licensing. If it were me I'd probably take a day off (meaning have Chad take a day off) and go video tape the apparent neglect happening every Tuesday at the Park and pool. Showing the state that they are not watching the kids at the pool, nor applying sunscreen to children seems like a huge issue.

As for the meeting, if you haven't gone yet, maybe you could take a tape recorder with you and turn it on as you walk into the meeting or record any phone conversations you have with the teacher. Indiana law states that to record a conversation only one person involved in the conversation must know that they are being taped.

Sorry, it's horrible that you have to deal with this.


Thanks for the comment, Jeff. I haven't had our meeting yet (requested, but not yet granted), so I appreciate the advice! I had thought about videotaping the pool stuff, too, although I also thought that might run me the risk of being arrested on suspected creepiness (videotaping youngsters at the pool when I don't have one with me at the time...if G is with the teachers). :-) The tape recorder in the purse isn't a bad idea...


You do have a right to be angry! Voice your opinion! We had the music teacher for our elementary school fired this year because he threw a tamborine and it cut Austen on his chin and his arm. Nobody said anything to us about this until I asked Austen where the cuts came from after school....lets just say I hope that teacher learned his lesson. Also come to find out that the school has been trying to get rid of this teacher for almost three years...thank God the tamborine did not hit Austen's eye or another child's. I can not believe that we are dealing with this stuff it really stinks that our kids have to be treated like this! Call me if you want to chat! Miss you!

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