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June 12, 2008



How do I work downtown and not realize that this was going on today?


Thanks for the free publicity and the shout out!! I just came inside for a bit to cool off, then I am back at it. So far so good! We had every major media outlet there and everything went smoothly. I'd like to give a special thanks to WTHR 13 and Chuck Lofton for spending over and hour with us and giving us free plugs four or five times, before he even interviewed our Dean. What a nice guy he is!


Excellent, Marcella! Coming from someone who knows how much work it is, let me (be maybe the first to) tell you, "congratulations!" You survived your first Festival!


Oh Yumm, Corie! I had no idea Indy had a strawberry fest. That would be right up my alley! Though I know Bloomy has one and I have yet to go to that either...pathetic, I know :) I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and pigged out! And I loved the pics of the "old friends" you posted recently (wish we could have been at that second get-together last week). I feel slightly famous that you posted a pic I took with your camera :) (btw, I think you look great in that pic...smiley, but great!) Hope E's been triumphant in the toileting dept :) Been thinking of you, friend. Hope we can hang again soon! I'm looking at the calendar now! Miss ya'!

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