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June 19, 2008



Happy 9th C&C! Wow, I totally forgot today was your big day!? Can you tell I never filled my calendar out this year due to "head in the toilet" baby puking! :) But, I remember your big day like it was yesterday...beautiful! And we were unknowingly pg with Hailey at that time :0 Wow, how the years have flown by and what lovely famililes we have been blessed with. I love your scrapbook page...you have an incredible gift for that kind of stuff! Hope you guys get to celebrate in some special way! Love ya' and hopefully we'll hang next month?! Love, Kel & Fam!


Love it! Happy Anniversary guys! Hope to see you soon. Erica



Hopefully Michele remembered and gave you a call last night. Glad I didn't call Chad to go on a bike ride :)

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