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March 09, 2009



Great pics as usual, Cor! How fun to do swimming in the winter. We've only done that once and it was great! And also great to keep up the swim skills during the off season (rather than the alternative we usually take of doing them once during the summer!). Looks like your kiddos are super swimmers!

And I had a good chuckle over that HUMONGOUS bear from CO pictured below! WHOA....that is the biggest stuffed animal I've ever seen...you put it into size perspective when you set in next to Chad! LOL! (not that I'm saying Chad is large or anything!). But, that is one big bear! I'm sure our kids will love hanging with it on Sunday!

And love your CO pics. Wow...truly breathtaking, especially that climber. And I love how absence makes the heart grow fonder (when you are away from your hubby/kids for so long....being home with them again is awesome, huh?!). Love ya' and see ya' this weekend!!

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